About Me

There’s this part of me that almost feels like I should copy/paste my online dating profile here, which gives you a pretty good idea of who I am. But that seems a little much. I’m not looking to date you, so why would I do that!

I have been blogging since before it had a word. I don’t do nearly as much writing as I’d like, though I keep hoping that with the right domain and the right premise I’ll write more. I do lots of crafts. I like long walks on the beach… wait… nevermind.

I play a lot of video games, so I suspect some of my most amazing epic fails are going to be gaming related. I’m totes into people and learning what makes them tick (behaviors people, not the inner-workings cause that’s just gross). I hate school, and slog through it because it’s a necessary evil.

I need to find something better to represent the sheer epicness of my fail! I mean, I need to do something about the design of this site.

Find me at twitter: @hestiahdruid for daily ramblings and nonsense.

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