Coloring Pages galore!

The process of learning how to draw on the computer has been a really daunting one. I admire those who do it regularly. There are a lot of positives about using the computer, but there are some negatives as well. I’m learning that the small space to work in can be really awkward. While I’m used to working with smaller paper canvases (3″ and 3.5″ squares), there’s something so much easier and freeing about turning the page to be in the most comfortable position. Now that I’m working with a newer version of Photoshop, this seems to have changed things a lot for me. I’ve also been tweaking the buttons on my super basic wacom tablet and on the pen to fit what I feel I use most often.

I’ve been considering a patreon, mostly to help me get better equipment. I do enjoy drawing in this fashion, but also realize that there are simply some things that are better when they’re bigger (giggle).

In the meantime, here’s color page #2 for all of you to download and enjoy! As usual, please feel free to tweet me how you colored it! I had several people share and it was so awesome to see how people colored my last page! Here’s the new one! Again you can either click and it’ll open the PDF for you, or you can right-click and download to save it.


Hestiah’s Color Page #2