The Ultimate Pride-swallowing experience

As many of you already know, I’ve set up a fundraiser to try to help raise money to cover some of the exorbitant cost of vet bills. It’s been pretty successful and I greatly appreciate all of the help so far. Both in people who’ve given donations and people who’ve helped spread the word and fundraiser link. It’s hard to express how much it means to me (and my catte, though she’ll just give you a funny look and see if you have food) that when I needed it most, the community kind of came together for me.

I’m trying something a little different. I mentioned it in the update over at youcaring, but it doesn’t really allow me to post pictures in the updates, which is kind of annoying all on it’s own.

This is likely going to be the first and only time I offer this, because I’ve always said I won’t do doll/amigurumi commissions. But there’s that part of me that kind of feels bad about not giving folks something in return for their donations. I can’t promise anything within a certain timeframe and I’m not doing full commissions (meaning you’re not going to get to pick 100% of everything involved, cause no one has time for that).

I will allow you to pick between a bear, rabbit, dog, or a cat for the animal, general colors (so long as it’s something I have on-hand), gendered details (such as eyelashes or color preferences), and whether you want the fabric accents. Otherwise I will choose what the fabric pattern is and I will not be buying new yarn to complete your doll. Sorry, but having to go out and buy yarn sort of defeats the purpose of doing this in the first place.

There will be a limited number of them and it will be first come, first serve. As mentioned before, there is no timeframe. So please don’t donate and expect me to make yours by next week as a birthday gift for someone. I do work full time, am going to school (now full time), and this is something I will do when I have some free time (and my hands aren’t hurting). I will honor all of them, but it might take me a little while to do it. Anyone who donated the amounts listed will be contacted to see if they would like a doll made and do not count toward the limited number that I’ve shared. If you previously donated a different amount and would like one of the spots, just donate the difference up to the spot you’d like.

For people who donate $50, they have the option to have me make either a dinosaur (in 2 colors as long as I have those colors) or one of the little dolls (that stand just under 4″ tall). (Limit 3 people All Gone!).

small bear with ruler for sizingt-rex profile

For people who donate $100, they have the option to have one of the larger animal dolls made (Limit 2 people; 1 remaining)

puppy from frontbunny from the front

For anyone who donates $150, they have the option to have one of the dolls with longer legs and outfits made (Limit 2 people).

cat in a dress

I know this probably seems really high, but they take a significant amount of time to make. Each of them, regardless of size, take anywhere from 15-50 hours to complete depending on detail and accessories. Hopefully, this way at least, it’s less about asking for a handout (that’s how I feel) and gives some people the opportunity to get a doll (at least 7 of you!).

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments and I’ll do what I can to update with FAQs as necessary.