No one owes you anything: The Entitlement Post – #Blaugust Day 21

There is a rising sentiment among gamers that I feel is problematic, and, well, downright shitty. And that’s entitlement.

People are very passionate and attached to some of their games. I feel like it happens significantly more with WoW than it does most other games. I understand that attachment. It’s been around for so long and it has become such a huge part of our lives. It’s sometimes how folks met their best friends, their significant others, and their families. It is important to many people.

The thing that folks are forgetting is that it is just a video game. It’s part of our lives, yes, but it is a consumer product at its core.

It’s a human thing to give sentimental meaning to innanimate objects. People do this with a ton of stuff, and is, in part, the basis for hoarding behavior (admittedly hoarding becomes about non-sentimental objects too). People attribute meaning to those objects and they have inflated value because of it. Other people see that movie ticket stub and for them, it’s trash. But for the person keeping it, it’s a date with a loved one, or a spark for other memories.

WoW is this for many people. There are fond memories as well as frustration and annoyance. The game, either through it’s story or the game itself, has sentimental value for each person who plays, in some form or another.

For some that sentimental value has turned into entitlement. And shitty assholic behavior.

I’m going to reiterate this because I feel as though people forget this point far too often. WoW is still, and will always be, a consumer product.

The nostalgic memories and the sentimental value of WoW will vary for everyone, because the experience of playing varies with everyone. That doesn’t diminish the value for one person and make it less or more than the value for another person. It just seems like oner person values it more than another person because of that sentiment.

And regardless of what value it holds for each person, the one thing that needs to seriously stop is the belief that Blizzard, it’s employees, and WoW owe people anything. The belief that they do is really just your shitty entitlement showing through. People need to let that nonsense go.
When was the last time a doctor told you that recovery from an illness was going to be 4-6 weeks, but it took longer than that? Did you show up at the doctor’s office, frothing at the mouth and screaming at them for not holding up to their “promise” that you’d recover in a certain time frame? Or how about when you went to take your car to the mechanic… and they said it would be ready in 2-3 hours. You come back after 2 hours and when your car isn’t ready, so you scream and yell at people? Do you threaten to just not pay them? Drag your car to the next mechanic that can fix it in 2 hours instead of 3 or maybe even 4 hours? Do you call them names? Threaten their lives? Exclaim how much they deserve to have horrible things happen to them?

It just feels like more and more the WoW playerbase feel entitled to content when they want it, and how they want it, and The Company Blizzard isn’t allowed to make any changes without first consulting the millions of players who all want, and value, different things about the game.

TL;DR: You’re not entitled to shit. You’re not entitled to shit. No matter WHAT you think, you’re not entitled to anything. So stop treating other people like they’ve personally offended you by doing their jobs. Hint: They didn’t.


This post is part of the #Blaugust series.


  • Ysharros

    I think entitlement is a very immature emotion in general. I grew past it a long time ago but it seems some folks never do, and gaming isn’t the only realm where it’s obvious. Take TV shows — how can people be so asshatty about the fact that someone leaves a show, or that an author takes a bit too long to write a sequel (*cough*George RR Martin*cough*)?

    We may become invested in games, shows, books or whatever, but we do not OWN any of them, least of all the people who produce them. To think anyone owes us anything in those realms is downright infantile in the strictest Freudian sense.

    Grow up, fucktwats! (Feel free to edit this out :D)

  • Azuriel

    This is a strange argument in all sorts of directions. To use your example, yes, when I dropped my car off at the mechanic for a 7am appointment and realized that the furthest they got after three hours was putting a number placard on the dash, I was justifiably upset. On the phone, the mechanic said 2-3 hours. I planned my day around that estimate, including missing work so I could sit the lobby. If they had been truthful and said “maybe 2-3 hours, but as many as 8 hours,” I would have taken my business elsewhere. And they knew that, which is why they intentionally lied. But perhaps I am not entitled to the truth, or verbal agreements, or people respecting my time as fellow human beings.

    Which is also why it’s curious that this post denigrates “entitlement” with a link to this sort of comment policy at the top. This may be a shot in the dark, but I’m assuming that you believe people are entitled to safe places free from sexist, ableist, racist attacks. That people should generally get along and be nice to each other. Or maybe you don’t believe people are entitled to those things, I dunno.

    I am assuming that this post was overall directed towards people complaining about WoW in some form or another, which is fine. Certainly there are, ah, conflicting opinions regarding to what degree developers are beholden to the playerbase. If you believe the answer is “not at all beholden,” with a 10+ year subscription service, I respectfully disagree. Devs certainly aren’t physically forced to do anything, but paying customers are always entitled to complain about declining quality of goods and/or services. The alternative is a sort of nightmare scenario in which every company is Comcast and we’re supposed to count ourselves lucky for being allowed to exist at all.

    • Legionnaire Ktjn (@ktjnwow)

      I think you missed the point. Is a paying customer entitled to express dissatisfaction about the state of a product or service? Absolutely. They are NOT entitled to shit on, threaten, or otherwise harass providers of said goods or services. If they’re unhappy, maybe the best choice is to take their money elsewhere.

    • Hestiah

      I’m gonna go ahead and approve the comment, but not without responding to what you said.

      First of all, you missed my point. Congratulations on that.

      Second I didn’t say ANYWHERE that you don’t deserve to be treated with respect. Mechanics should absolutely be honest, but that’s not even close to my point. My point is that you can not be happy, but you don’t have a right to threaten the mechanic with rape or bodily harm, or threaten to harm their families.

      Now regarding my comment policy, people are going to be treated with respect IN A SPACE THAT I PAY FOR AND MAINTAIN. I control it. I pay for it. It’s my space on the internet to do with what I want, so the comment policy is related to what I will allow here. Do I feel like people deserve to be treated with respect all of the time? Absolutely! But I’m not foolish enough to believe that people treat others with the decency they deserve.

      You have also missed the point with regard to the fact that I did NOT AT ALL MENTION that people aren’t allowed to complain about what they’re unhappy with. People are allowed to like or dislike whatever they want and even to voice and express that dislike. What you (and other people) aren’t entitled to is being an asshole toward other people.

      But congrats. You got your comment published in spite of not getting the point.

      • Azuriel

        My point is that you can not be happy, but you don’t have a right to threaten the mechanic with rape or bodily harm, or threaten to harm their families.

        If that was your point, then yes, I agree both with that sentiment and that I must have missed it in the post itself. Nobody is entitled to hand out criminal threats/harassment.

        However, the post didn’t say just that. In fact, there was this entire paragraph:

        And regardless of what value it holds for each person, the one thing that needs to seriously stop is the belief that Blizzard, it’s employees, and WoW owe people anything. The belief that they do is really just your shitty entitlement showing through. People need to let that nonsense go.

        And the TL; DR paragraph for that matter. But if they were supposed to be interpreted in a different manner than face value, well, my apologies.

  • Jasyla

    First, obviously I don’t think anyone should act shitty to Blizzard employees if the game is going in a direction they don’t like.

    However I can somewhat understand a sense of entitlement (not shitty behaviour) of people who have been playing and paying for the game for a long time. In a standalone single player game (something like Mass Effect) I feel any kind of entitlement (beside being entitled to getting a working product) is stupid. An MMO is iterative, long-lasting and social. If I find the boss fights in Mass Effect shitty, I should probably just go find something I like better. In WoW, it’s not so easy. There’s such a tie to people in the game, such a large time commitment, I can understand how people feel the need to vent their frustrations. Again, not an excuse to be shitty to real people, but I can understand how people keep holding on to a game because they have so much invested in it even though changes and such have made it less enjoyable for them. I know in my last year of playing I rarely had anything positive to say about the game, especially around the promise of faster expansions when they kept on the same pattern of rushing out the first raid tiers then letting us stagnate in the last for over a year. Did I feel entitled to a better game experience? Well, sort of. I just took it out in general blog posts and not harassment.

    • Hestiah

      The thing is, you’re not entitled to anything, not really. Each person wants something from WoW. Some people want better PvP. Some people want content released in a certain way. Others think that flying is the only reasonable thing WoW ever did. And I’m not saying that these are wrong. These are things that people want because they will make for a better gaming experience for each of them, individually. But the time invested doesn’t actually entitle anyone to anything, and certainly not in the way that you’re describing.

      You are more than entitled to spend your free time or gaming time or money on anything that you want. When you reached the point when the game brought you almost no enjoyment, then you took your money and time elsewhere. You are more than free to do exactly that. You’re also more than allowed to voice displeasure, dislike, and express what are your opinions and concerns based on your personal experience. These are not things I’m arguing.

      What I am arguing is when people personally attack Blizzard employees. Or even Blizzard The Company, as if they’ve somehow personally attacked another person. People vent frustrations and annoyances in really terrible ways and it really shows more about the person than it ever will about the company or it’s employees.

      But when the employees are joking about it being another day in the office when they’ve received death threats and are called names and shit?? Well, that is truly symptomatic of a bigger overall problem.

      It still goes back to you not being entitled. You’re not entitled to WoW being made specifically to your desires. You are, however, entitled to take your time and money elsewhere. And to be treated with respect if you have an opinion I don’t agree with.