The best MMO EVAR! – #Blaugust Day 20

If you could design your own “dream MMO” which features from other MMOs would you combine?

Oh, this is a damn good question!

I would keep the lore and story of WoW because in spite of it’s lack of leading ladies and content specific ONLY to them, the stories are very good and interesting and makes for engaging gameplay.

I would include the housing from Wildstar. That was probably the thing I wanted to get to most in Wildstar, but I ended up not playing it early on due to work and school, so I missed a lot of the hype-train for the game. By the time I had the game, a lot of folks weren’t playing anymore. And those that were so much higher level than me I wasn’t able to play with them.

I would use customization from Elder Scrolls Online. Because oh boy, lemme tell you, during their betas, I redid my face a bunch of times, but it was still such an enjoyable experience! I could make myself have giant boobs and huge butt. And be fat.

Individual crafting nodes, and crafting materials shared across all characters in a shared bank from Guild Wars 2. This is, single-handedly, some of the best features ever. There is no competing or stealing from other players, which is one of the most frustrating aspects of WoW material farming. Items stack to high numbers. Crafting is done from the shared bank and doesn’t need to be in your inventory. And crafting materials are in the shared back, usable by all of your characters. Seriously, brilliant!

Classes from FFXIV. You can be all of them. ALL OF THEM. Sure, the player needs to have infinite amounts of time available to them, but that’s not really the point. It’s that the possibility is there and available to them. And then the specialised classes (Jobs??). That’s super cool too.

I’m sure there are features I’m missing that I would like in my ideal, perfect, BEST MMO EVAR, but these are the points that immediately come to mind.

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  • C. T. Murphy

    To follow-up Belghast, EQII also did a great job with sprinkling its lore into the world proper. You could learn languages or gain mastery over fighting certain races. There were exclusive quests for certain languages too, or quests that were rewarded for clicking on an otherwise not obvious item in the world. It did an amazing job of making the world feel independent of its theme park limitations with those features alone!