I hate this! Just kidding, no I don’t – #Blaugust Day 18

There are always going to be games that before anyone has even tried it, it will be condemned and hated.

What’s a game you would have never tried but for some reason you did and ended up loving it?

I would say that this falls into the FPS category. I had a really terrible experience with Halo back when the original Xbox was released and the game came out. I was playing with some friends, another woman and two dudes, and the dudes had played the game before, but the lady-folk hadn’t yet. So instead of giving us some time to get used to the controls and how the game worked, the guys thought it would be funny to keep killing us after 15 seconds.

So I stopped playing. Because even back when I was 20-something I knew I didn’t have time to waste on a game that wasn’t going to be fun for me. So I never played Halo again. Or Call of Duty. Or any other FPS. That one experience paved the way for my lack of desire to ever play the genre of games.

That is until pretty recently. Some time ago, @nerdacide wanted to play some Call of Duty. So I picked up the game (as did some others) and we played. And it was actually a lot of fun. I attribute that to playing with friends more than the game, but I didn’t hate it.

So when I go my Xbox One, I wanted the white one, which game with The Master Chief edition of Halo. And I decided, after all these years, to finally pay through all of those games. Halo is fun and kind of ridiculous. I remember people being really amused by my never having played the game before (and skeptical too, but dude, playing pvp CoD prepares you for shooting games. I said I’d “never played Halo” not “never played a FPS”).

I should play more Halo. It might be something I do during my 7-week break from school. Just as soon as I finish this week of school.

This post is part of the #Blaugust series.

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  • C. T. Murphy

    Halo is one of my all-time favorite series. It gets some flak for being popular, being a game dudebros play, and being a console FPS (back when that was actually an insult rather than a ticket to sell millions). Yet, I still feel the first game is one of the more compelling games in recent memory and a true classic up there with Half-Life and even Mario! Few games manage to make single-player that is co-op friendly, challenging but accessible, AND dynamic enough to play through more than once due to the quality AI.