Platforms?? I got platforms! – #Blaugust Day 17

MORE PROMPT POSTS! I know everyone loves these! Though, actually, I’m sure they’re just interesting enough that people probably do enjoy learning a little bit more about the blogger.

What is your preferred gaming platform? Are you a multi-platform gamer or do you stick to one platform all the time? What is it about that gaming platform that you like?

I would say that if there’s any specific gaming platform that I prefer it’s going to be PC gaming. I think I like the freedom of using a mouse, or a gamepad, or keyboard to do most of my navigating. It makes things easier to multi-task and have available at my fingertips everything I might want or need. For me it also feels just a little bit more precise.

However, for the first time in my life I have many of the major gaming consoles. I have a 3DS (not the new one because it just doesn’t seem worth picking up yet), PS Vita, PS4, and an Xbox One. I have different games across all the different platforms and I find that it’s really dependent on what I want to play.

I do try to spread out where I purchase my games in relation to who has what console and is willing to play games with me. It’s just kind of a sad reality that as I (and my friends) get older, there’s just not nearly as much time to set aside for playing games together. It always seemed so easy when I was raiding in WoW. I set aside that time regularly and it was just part of my schedule. But playing games with friends on the XBone or PS4 seems (to me) to take an ungodly amount of time management that no one’s willing to put forth.

I prefer the PC because I can multi-task the most on it. I can watch Netflix/shows, check twitter, be distracted by imgur and gifs, and shop on Amazon while playing a game and using that downtime for other things.
I prefer the PS4 and XBone because it generally means I can simply pause a game and step away. The games I play on the consoles are ones that don’t requires me to be tethered to my computer all the time. But it’s less fun to not play games with others.

I like the Vita and 3DS for traveling and when I’m in bed. I can play for short periods of time and set it down and not feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. It’s a good way for me to get a little bit of gaming in when I don’t have a ton of time available.

What about you? What’s your preferred gaming platform?