Other Content? – #Blaugust Day 14

And here’s another one of those writing prompt pooooosts! I have the time right now (and my hands need a break from crafting anyway and I’d really rather not do actual schoo homework soooo…)

If you were to create content for a different medium what would you choose? Videos, Streaming, Podcast, Something Else? What about that medium appeals to you as a content creator?

I would love to stream more. This is something I’ve actually considered doing more, but I always feel really overwhelmed by it all. There’s a certain kind of community surrounding streamers and they’re, um, how do I say this, less nice to women than the general twitter community I participate in. There’s an expectation and a double standard for women streamers and content creators that doesn’t exist with men. It’s really noticable and off-putting, to say the least.

I wanted to stream 3DS games, really. Mostly my ridiculous adventures in Animal Crossing while I tried to max my house and pay off my debts and caught bugs. I doubt that it would have been entertaining for many, but there was a point when I was playing so much Animal Crossing I figured why the hell not. It’s apparently a thing to speed-run it and pay off all debts asap. I even paid the money to get a 3DS with the capture card. I played around with it some and then never did anything with it.

I would stream sometimes, but it always seemed like I’d get randoms that would comment on how fuckable I was and that just ruins the experience. I realize I can’t get an audience if I never stream, but I just didn’t want to do my hair and put on make-up to be “presentable” to stream. I just wanted to play some damn games.

The reality is that it’s more than just playing games. Which of course requires me to have to put on pants and make sure my hair is brushed. The same goes for creating videos, which is the other thing I considered wanting to do.

Both suffer from the double standard of having to create content that is relevant and interesting, but not being TOO pretty or showing TOO much skin or I’ll just be ‘whoring myself out’. So I have to be pretty enough for random dudes on the internet to want to fuck me, but not so pretty that I’m intimidating or off-limits??

So I guess I just never got over the fears of being overrun with negativity on the internet (you know, the sort of negativity I should just accept as part of being on the internet) keeps me from creating content that I’d like to make.

This post is part of the #Blaugust series.