Most Anticipated Game in the Coming Year – #Blaugust Day 4

And now for something a little different.

Things have been rather intense over here in Hestiah’s tiny area of the internet. Things have simply been really intense in my life, though. These days are starting to wear me the heck out. We didn’t even venture out in the city at all today because most of us just wanted to eat and get back to our rooms. I wanted to get what little school-related stuff was needed to be done by tomorrow, play a little bit of games (and hopfully not drop the Vita on my face tonight), and go to bed. I don’t feel like I’m getting much sleep, but I also think I’m doing better than others in my cohort. I did get a migraine today and my professor and cohort members were great and dimmed the lights some so I wouldn’t cry in the corner. Super awesome of them.

Today I will write a prompt post about video games, just to back up a little bit from the heavier topics

“What is your most anticipated game that will release in the next year, and why?

I think the most anticipated game for me is going to be Overwatch, though really I don’t know if it’s going to release in the next year. We all know Blizzard’s penchant for chanting “soontm”, so the exact date that even Friends and Family is going to start on alpha/beta is undisclosed.

I don’t generally tend to enjoy shooting games because I’m really rather terrible at them. Overwatch simply looks amazing! I played it at Blizzcon 2014 and really had a ton of fun. As expected I was terrible and died a lot. I think getting to play the game more regularly will help me die less and be less terrible.I know it’s a prompt for #Blaugust, but feel free to comment (regardless of whether you’re participating or not) what your most anticipated game is for the next year?

This post is a #Blaugust post.


  • mageic

    I really want to play Overwatch, it’s probably the only game that I’m really waiting on at the moment. I love these styles of games, even though I tend to do stupid things and die way to often.
    Been getting better at that in Heroes now, so hopefully I can transfer it over to this as well 🙂

  • C. T. Murphy

    I am excited for Fallout 4 the most. I also want Terraria Underworld and the new Binding of Isaac: Rebirth expansion.

    I wouldn’t mind hearing more about Overwatch, but there are so many team-based esports games these days. I am honestly feeling overrun.

    • Hestiah

      I’m super excited for Fallout 4 and even Halo 5. But I’m probably going to be completely terrible at both of those games. Let’s be real, I’m probably gonna be terrible at any game that involves shooting. Ha!

  • Ari Carr

    I’ve seen some stuff about Overwatch and it looks really fun! I hope it comes to console as my laptop definitely won’t be able to run it!