Two Truths and a Lie – #Blaugust Post 2

There’s this ice breaker game (which my blog title is named after). The purpose is to share two truthful items about yourself and one lie, and others are supposed to guess which one is the lie. It gives people some trivia about you as well as, hopefully, get a little laugh or amusement out of the lie.

I’m here in Chicago for the first time in my life, downtown by the lake, and it has been a very interesting experience. I came here with the expectation that I was going to do the bare minimum to get a decent grade and that was going to be it. I didn’t want to make friends. I didn’t want to hang out with anyone. I didn’t give a shit about a single person that was here.

And then something happened. Funny how that works. I made some friends. We’ve exchanged numbers, gone to lunch together. Gone to dinner together. Bought magnets and stuffed bears together (Okay, I’m the only one that bought a bear… but it’s a bear wearing a rabbit hood… c’mon now!). And it’s been fun. I might have actually enjoyed myself too.

So instead of two truths and a lie, I’m going to give you 3 truths and 2 lies to sort of go along with @Jaedia’s blog prompt suggestion of “Tell us five things that we (probably) don’t know about you, or as an alternative, you could do ‘five things you probably don’t know about me (because they aren’t true).’” This sounded like a lot more fun and gives you the opportunity to guess which two statements are the truth and which are the lies (Or how well you’ve been paying attention on twitter for the last bazillionty years).

1. I always wanted to be stripper, but never had the self-confidence to do it.
2. When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer.
3. I have been to 7 different countries: U.S. (duh), Korea, England, Mexico, Canada, Wales, and Japan.
4. My absolute favorite thing to do is talk on the phone.
5. I have 9 tattoos, 2 of which have been covered.

Can you tell which ones are truths and which ones are lies?

* This post is part of #Blaugust series of posts for August 2015.

** P.S. If I link to your twitter instead of your blog and you have a preference one way or the other, please let me know and I will gladly change/update accordingly.


  • paeroka

    I wanted to be a lawyer at some point and I know a few other kids who had that wish, so I’d say this one is true… although it’s a tie between 1. and 2. here. 😉 One of them is true, the other is a lie?

    I’d say no. 4 is a lie.

    Just a few days ago, I heard people on Twitch discuss whether Wales was a country or not. Since you listed it, I say it’s a truth, because if the list of countries was a lie, I’d expect it to have other countries but Wales on there. :p

    I only just found you through Blaugust, so I don’t know about your tattoos, but it sounds likely.

    So… how wrong are my guesses? 😉

    • Hestiah

      Right now I’m gonna hold off to see if anyone decides they wanna take a guess. But I like your logical thinking through it. 🙂

  • C. T. Murphy

    How are you liking Chicago? I went there after I graduated college (well, Naperville/Aurora to be exact) and loved the area. I doubt I will ever get back (real life happened), but I would love to visit it again.

    • Hestiah

      So I’m in the downtown area, right by the water (McCormick area). And it’s quite beautiful. The heat lately is driving me bonkers cause I escaped California and didn’t need all this nonsense. But the experience has been absolutely wonderful. I’ve had a good set of folks to explore the area (we went to Chinatown last night for dinner) and experience the area together. It’s been great. I still have about another 6 days left on my trip, which includes a handful of purely tourist-y days, but I am having a blast!

  • Dahakha

    I’m going to jump straight onto number 4 as a lie – just a feeling I have. 😛
    The other lie is…um…number 2? It could easily be the tattoos because numbers are always easy to lie about, but I’ll stick with the lawyer one.