Goals of #Blaugust – Day 1

Yup, day one is gonna be a writing prompt post.

“What are you hoping to get out of Blaugust this year?”

This one is pretty simple. I want to start getting into the habit of writing on a regular basis. Even if I’m not doing a daily thing for the rest of my life, if I can get into the habit of sititng down and committing words to screen somewhat more consistently I will be all the better.

As I mentioned before I used to write on the regular. I was a broody early-twenties young thing and the entire world was metaphors and poetry. I learned a lot about myself during that time. I also learned a lot about other people during that time. I feel like it helped me become a more empathetic and introspective person. And let’s face it, those two things have helped me choose my career path and get me to this point in my life. So I owe my younger emo self some credit.

I keep taking a lot of notes about the things I want to write about. A lot of those potential posts don’t seem to get passed the third paragraph and sit in draft mode for years. The other domain has more draft posts than published… which makes me immensely sad. The hope is that I stop having a fear of the publish button and just start yolo-writing. You know, not caring what other people are going to think or say about what I write about and just doing it because it’s what I feel like doing it.

I also want to avoid writing anything too technical. When school is in session I have this tendency to try to write APA stylized “papers” as blog posts and no one wants to read that shit. I mean, someone does, but probably very few people on my twitter timeline. So research papers are out.

No one gives a fuck about what you’re eating either. That ship has long since sailed, so I’m not going to be posting pics of my dinner and talking about my day. I’m not 15 and no one cares about who I talked to today. What I hope is that I find my voice in all of this mess. I want to be able to write about things that interest me or seem fun. Including the adventures of my day with work. I do have a lot of adventures at work and meet a ton of really interesting people.

i will likely write some political-ish posts, feminist-leaning and all that. It happens. I feel strongly about stuff. And things. And that includes feminism (intersectional feminism), body positivity, and sex positive ideas. I also want to feel comfortable writing shit too. Stuff that’s the equivalent of click bait or whatever. “JUST READ MY WORDS!!” Cause sometimes that shit is entertaining and I am a sucker for a good click bait article. I admit it.

So there it is. Kind of a run down of what to expect for the next month. And maybe even beyond if I can manage to stay in the habit. (I’m repeating myself aren’t I? Apologies, I’m on a plane and there’s children about to fall because my foot is about to accidentally be out in the aisle… I mean… Sorry).



    • Hestiah

      Thanks! And don’t worry too much about the length of blogging. It’s about the writing, y’know? Thanks for reading!

  • Jaedia

    I *think* you’re the first for Blaugust day one looking at my reader, correct me if I’m wrong! Either way, yay. 😀
    Welcome (back). <3 We talk games, life, social issues, general nerdery. We get srs and less so. Is good here.

  • paleoelio

    Goodluck with Blaugust! You have some great goals. That publish button is scary, my original post for my blog sat in Drafts for a few months until I decided I just needed to scrap it and start over. I hope the habit of writing on the regular and yolo-writing sticks 😀

  • C. T. Murphy

    I think Blaugust is a great excuse to put those drafts out there. I certainly know I’ll be taking advantage. You can even use it as an excuse to discuss why a particular draft didn’t make it any further. Almost like a really meta post, only it’s entirely about your own content and your specific approach!